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Trump supporters say they are concerned about his objectivity as some of his legal team have donated money to Democrats.

Oh, and if that doesn't sound tough, consider this: These guys are racing nearly every day from the end of May 'til the end of June.

In the America's Cup, which is contested as a series of races, each win equals one point.

Your objective should be to complete as much distance on the rower as possible, and get as close to your maximum heart rate as possible, within 20 minutes.

Smiling alongside John Kerry at their elite New Hampshire boarding school, this is Robert Mueller decades before before he began investigating Donald Trump's election campaign.

Whichever team collects the most overall wins in the playoffs will face off with Oracle in a best-of-13 set of races. It mimics what it's like to race on an America's Cup-grade catamaran.

Tune in online with NBC's live stream or watch the America's Cup unfold on TV via NBCSN. - Rowing machine- Heart rate monitor- Marker cone for shuttle run set out six meters from the erg machine This is a timed, 20-minute workout.

As USA's representatives in the prestigious America's Cup—an international yachting competition that dates back to 1851—the sailors of Oracle Team USA must tame a precision 50-foot foiling catamaran that seemingly "floats" above water at stomach-churning speeds.